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Seven day practice memo


With many people spending a lot more time at home at the moment, we thought we’d share this seven-day practice memo, kindly shared by Manchester and District Iyengar Yoga. 

Please make sure you read the notes before starting your home practice. Enjoy!

Building Immunity: Article and Sequence from RIMYI


Building Immunity: Article and Sequence from RIMYI

‘Guruji Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar was born during the 1918 influenza pandemic and even his mother was not spared the infection during her pregnancy. This had led to a very sickly childhood for our Guruji. It was this ill-health that introduced him to yoga with which he has given health to millions across the world.’

This article by Iyengar Yoga teacher Dr. Rajvi H. Mehta is taken from Yoga Rahasya (vol.16, no.4, 2009) and was published during the H1N1 pandemic, featuring asanas given by B.K.S. Iyengar for the immune system (click to download):

building immunity article thumbnail


The sequence below, taken from the article above, was given out to students at the Iyengar Institute in Pune when it was closed due to an outbreak of a virulent flu. If you are unable to do any of the asanas, talk to your local Iyengar yoga teacher to see if there are modified versions you can do at home.  

Click here for a downloadable version 


sequence of asanas for immune health



National Iyengar Yoga Day, 18/1/20



National Iyengar Yoga Day in the UK and Ireland will be on Saturday 18 January 2020.

Don’t miss this fantastic chance to discover Iyengar yoga in your area! Certified Iyengar yoga teachers will be organising free taster classes, demonstrations and other events.

Events are being added to this map each week, so check back to see what’s happening near you.

Click on a marker to see event details:



You can keep up to date via the Facebook event here 


Here are some pictures from NIYD 2019:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Stockport
  • Hexham, Northumberland
  • Bournemouth
  • Ashburton, Devon (image by Mark Burley Photography)
  • Congleton, Cheshire
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh

Assessment Volunteers Needed

Assessment Volunteers Needed!

Intermediate Junior Assessments in October

Intermediate Senior Assessments in November


The venues would welcome volunteer “students” to be taught by candidates during the teaching part of the assessments. Please contact the venues direct (contact details below) to volunteer.


To be a volunteer at Intermediate Junior level, you should have been practising for at least five years and be attending General or Intermediate classes.  You should be able to perform Sirsasana and Sarvangasana on the day of the assessment ie should not be menstruating, nor should you have neck, shoulder or back problems that would prevent you from practising these poses or others.


To volunteer at Intermediate Senior level, you do not need to be able to do all the senior asanas but you should be an experienced Iyengar yoga student, regularly attend an Intermediate level class and be able to hold the inversions for 8 minutes.


Volunteers who are teachers must hold a certificate below the level being assessed. Volunteers who are teachers taking assessment this year, may volunteer at an assessment of a higher level than the one they are themselves taking, eg, if you are taking a Level 2 assessment this year, you may also volunteer at a Level 3 assessment. Wherever possible, assessment candidates should not know the volunteers. If you have friends or close peers taking an assessment this year, ask them their assessment date and volunteer for a different date.


Intermediate Junior Assessments will be held at YogaBase Ranelagh, Dublin as follows:

Level 2: Sat 5 Oct– volunteers required 12.30 pm til approx. 3.30 pm

Level 3: Sun 6 Oct – volunteers required 12 noon til approx. 3 pm

For further information and to volunteer, contact: Aisling Guirke, aisling_guirke@hotmail.com


Intermediate Junior Assessments will be held at IYI Maida Vale as follows:

Level 1: Sun 6 Oct, Sat 12 Oct

Level 2: Sat 5 Oct, Sun 13 Oct, Sat 19 Oct

Level 3: Sun 20 Oct

Volunteers are required on Saturdays from 1.30 pm til approx. 4.30 pm and on Sundays from 2 pm til approx. 5 pm. For further information and to volunteer, contact: Mary Newton, mary@iyi.org.uk


Intermediate Junior Assessments will be held at MDIY, Manchester as follows:

Level 2: Sat 12 Oct, Sun 13 Oct, Sat 19 Oct

Level 3: Sat 5 Oct, Sat 26 Oct, Sun 27 Oct

Volunteers are required from 12.30 pm til approx. 3.30 pm. For further information and to volunteer, contact: Clare Tunstall, clare@mdiiy.org.uk


Intermediate Junior Assessments will be held at Sheffield Yoga Centre as follows:

Level 1: Sat 19 Oct, Sun 20 Oct, Sat 26 Oct, Sun 27 Oct

Volunteers are required from 12.30 pm til approx. 3.30 pm. For further information and to volunteer, contact: Niccole Allen, info@sheffieldyogacentre.co.uk


Intermediate Senior Assessments take place over 2 days (a weekend). Volunteers will be needed on the Saturdays for pranayama and on the Sundays for asana.


Intermediate Senior Assessments will be held at IYI Maida Vale as follows:

Level 2: Sat 9 & Sun 10 Nov

Volunteers for pranayama are needed on Sat 9 Nov, 11.30 am -12.30 pm (arrive in good time)

Volunteers for asana are needed on Sun 10 Nov. The asanas will be taught in 5 x 45 minute slots and volunteers are needed for 2 or 3 slots from 11.30 am through to approx. 3.45 pm. For further information and to volunteer, contact: Mary Newton, mary@iyi.org.uk


Intermediate Senior Assessments will be held at MDIY, Manchester as follows:

Level 1: Sat 2 & Sun 3 Nov; Sat 9 & Sun 10 Nov

Volunteers for pranayama are needed on Sat 2 and Sat 9 Nov, 11.30 am – 12.30 pm (arrive in good time)

Volunteers for asana are needed on Sun 3 and Sun 10 Nov. The asanas will be taught in 5 x 45 minute slots and volunteers are needed for 2 or 3 slots from 9.30 am through to approx. 1.45 pm. For further information and to volunteer, contact: Clare Tunstall, clare@mdiiy.org.uk


Virabhadrasana I article by Arti H Mehta


The Autumn issue of Iyengar Yoga News is coming soon, full of news and features including a tribute to Geetaji and an interview with leading Pranayama teacher Navaz Kamdin.  Make sure your membership is up to date to get your copy – click here if you need to sign up or renew.

Did you know the wrapping used to post our magazines is now fully biodegradable?

In case you missed it in the Spring issue, here’s an article by Arti H Mehta on Virabhadrasana I which looks at common errors and how to make adjustments.


bks iyengar in virabhadrasana

Chakras t-shirt design now available



Now available to order online!

You can now order our Chakras design – as seen at the 2019 Convention – on t-shirts and other products at our Redbubble store.  

Available in a range of colours, sizes and styles, profits from all sales from our store go to the Iyengar Yoga Development Fund and the Bellur Trust

Items are produced on demand and sent to you directly from Redbubble.

Browse the store to find our range of other designs and products including mugs, posters, water bottles, notebooks and more.

Chakras t-shirt

Chakras t-shirt


Yoga Philosophy poster

Yoga Philosophy Poster


Grey hoody

BKS Iyengar Centenary Year Hoody


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Iyengar Yoga at Summer Festivals



Find IY (UK) teachers at festivals across the UK and Ireland this summer.

For a full list of other Iyengar yoga events and workshops click here



Glastonbury Festival
26 – 30 June, Somerset

Teacher: Julian Lindars

World Yoga Festival
18-21 July, Reading

Teachers: Garth McLean, Mary Niker, Rachel Lovegrove

Celtic Woodland Festival
19-22 July, Townley Hall, East Ireland

Teachers: Orla Punch, Teresa Lewis

25-28 July, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Teachers: Edgar Stringer, Lydia Holmes

Camp Bestival
25-28 July, Lulworth Castle, Dorset

Teacher: Gerda Bayliss

Tartan Heart Festival
1-3 August, Belladrum, Inverness

Teacher: Fiona Sarjeant (aka Madam Fifi)

European Juggling Convention
3-11 August, Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire

Teacher: Darren Bloom (teaching 8-11 August)
22-25 August, Market Harborough

Teacher: Julie Baker (Fri 23, 1-2.30pm, Yoga Yurt; Sun 25, 3.30-5pm, Garden)


The story of BKS Iyengar and violinist Yehudi Menuhin


‘The Yoga Teacher and the Violinist’

Listen to the story of how BKS Iyengar and violinist Yehudi Menuhin helped bring yoga to the West on the BBC’s Witness History programme https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csywv7


Iyengar Yoga at Glastonbury Festival


Yoga at Glastonbury Festival

by Julian Lindars

Glastonbury Festival is known as one of the largest music festivals in Europe and is generally represented in the media as a weekend-long gathering of hedonistic excess. Beyond the vast crowded arenas and the non-stop party scene is a wealth of activities, all of which embody the “true spirit of Glastonbury” – a desire for a better world, progressive thinking, spiritual growth, celebration of diversity, and a sincere and effective attempt to put ethical and environmental concerns at the heart of its business practices.

At the back of the festival site, on slopes that rise above the hubbub of the main site, is a tranquil area known generally as the “Green Fields”, where the alternative thread that has sustained the festival over the last 50 years continues to flourish. Here you can find low-key entertainment, good wholesome foods, stimulating debates, crafts and activities, and in the Healing Field, a wide range of therapies and spiritual teachings. Many people stay up here the whole time, only occasionally making a foray into the mayhem below, but many more wander up seeking rest and recuperation, and perhaps the opportunity to experience something a little different.

The yoga dome is situated at the tree-lined upper edge of Healing Field. It is a lovely hand-built open-sided construction of tree branches and canvas tarpaulin, with carpet laid over the groundsheet. The field is arranged around four healing circles named after the elements. We are next to the Air Circle with fluttering flags and suspended sculptures creating a light, relaxing but invigorating environment. It really is a beautiful place to be and many people start the day here with their asana practice. From 9am onwards we offer a day-long program of one-hour classes free, and open to all. Many styles of yoga are represented here, and I have been honoured to fly the flag for Iyengar Yoga here over the last ten years.

For many who attend, this is the first time they have ever tried yoga – and I am always impressed by the enthusiasm and appreciation shown. The festival can be quite a demanding environment – occasionally you have to deal with the overwhelmed and confused, but generally nothing a good savasana in a quiet spot cannot fix! And of course it is always good to see familiar faces in the crowd, and meet so many people who are delighted to find Iyengar Yoga in such an unexpected place.

So if you are coming to Glastonbury this year, come and find me. The timetable is displayed on the front of the Dome – I generally teach mid-afternoon. I look forward to seeing you!

Happy International Day of Yoga



Happy International Day of Yoga! 

Geetaji provided us the ‘sequences’ of asanas and pranayama to be practiced for the first three yoga days and the world wide Iyengar Yoga family joined in these practices. Geetaji’s entire life was devoted to Guruji, his teaching and to retain the purity of the subject of yoga. She did not deviate from his teachings and this yoga day is a reminder to us not deviate from the path shown to us by Guruji.  As Iyengar Yoga practitioners we belong to varied nationalities, all ages, both genders and variable health but there is no variation in our love for our dear Geetaji whose presence we intensely miss. 
Let this 5th International Day of Yoga be a tribute to our dear Geetaji.  As she would say, “Don’t do mechanically.” Let us now practice with an open heart with Guruji and Geetaji in our chest just as Lord Hanuman had “Lord Rama and Sita” in his.
Urdhva Namaskarasana  
Uttanasana – concave back  
Adho Mukha Svanasana  
Paschim Namaskarasana
Parsvottanasana with Paschim Namaskarasana  
Virabhadrasana I  
Virabhadrasana III  
Prasaritta Padottanasana  
Upavistha Konasana  
Baddha Konasana  
Supta Virasana  
Viparita Dandasana  
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana  
Viparita Karani
Savasana – Ujjayi Pranayama i  
Savasana Viloma pranayama 1
We have to get sthirata and sukhata in the asanas so, if needed and depending upon our health status – we may of course use props.

Download the sequence here