Contact Us

Membership and Office Manager – Andy Tait

Telephone: 07510 326997


Address: IY(UK), PO Box 51698 , London, SE8 9BU

Hours: Main Office day: Thursday 9-5pm; remaining hours to be worked throughout the week (23.4 hours per week).

  • Staffing the office: taking phone calls and responding to emails from IY (UK) members and members of the public. Andy should be your first port of call if you have a general query, or are not sure who to ask.
  • Membership: processing renewals and new applications; assisting Membership Group Secretaries with the renewal process. All queries about membership payments, insurance documents and certificates should go to Andy.
  • Communications and Website: Andy is the person to speak to if you are having trouble updating your personal or class details. He can help you navigate through the process. Please take this opportunity to log in to the website and make sure that we have your complete and correct contact information. Andy will be able to assist you if you have trouble logging in. Liaising with Member Groups for the IYN mail out.

Finance and Bookings Administrator – Jess Wallwork


Address: IY(UK), PO Box 3372, Bristol BS6 9PE

Hours: Most evenings (10 hrs per week)

  • Finance: keeping the accounts, making payments, processing expenses etc. Most of this is behind the scenes work; if you do have a query about a payment you have made to IY(UK), apart from convention bookings, it is best to go through Andy first.
  • Bookings: taking bookings for Conventions and other events IY (UK) organises. Any queries about the Convention or any other events should go to Jess.

Assessments Administrator – Kate Woodcock

Telephone: 07914 089360


Address: IY (UK), PO Box 1217, Bradford, BD1 9XF

Hours: part-time through the week, not available on Thursdays (19.5 hrs per week). On call during assessments.

  • Assessments: taking bookings for assessments, sending out paperwork to candidates and assessors, sending out pass/fail letters and small certificates, updating the database with results.  All queries about assessments should go to Kate.
  • Timetabling: gathering Moderator and Assessor availability; finding and booking venues for assessments; putting together the timetables for all assessments; dealing with all the timetable relevant issues, all cancellations, requests for refunds, Moderator / Assessor emergencies and standbys etc; Kate will be “on call” for emergencies during the Assessments. Please contact Kate in the first instance during assessment times if you cannot make your allocated assessment date for any reason.
  • Appeals after Assessment: Kate is the first point of contact for the formal appeals process following an unsuccessful assessment result.
  • Training to Teach: processing applications.

PR and Website Manager- Katie Owens


Main hours: Monday-Wednesday

  • Communications and Website: maintaining and developing the website (behind the scenes data); producing and collating publicity materials, including promotional leaflets, for use by IY(UK) teachers and members, particularly in relation to International Yoga Day and National Iyengar Yoga Day; co-ordinating National Iyengar Yoga Day; managing merchandise sales; social media.


If you wish to make a complaint, please see our Complaints Handling page here: