Virtual Convention 2020

For many of us, Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown has had a great impact on our lives. We have had to find ways to cope with the immediate changes and are now processing the longer term uncertainty of how we will continue to live our lives, and even how we might continue teaching yoga.

The strength we find from our Iyengar yoga community has never been more important than today. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us for a special weekend, taking us into the journey of yoga to illuminate its true purpose.

We will be guided by Navaz Kamdin, one of BKS Iyengar’s most experienced students, and Senior Teacher at RIMYI, Edwin Bryant American Indologist, professor of religions of India and author of the seminal text The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and UK Senior Teachers, who will lead us in asana, therapeutic practice and conversations.

Highlights over the two days include:

  • Six hours of Pranayama classes and Q&A by Navaz Kamdin
  • Keynote lecture and philosophy workshop by Edwin Bryant
  • Iyengar yoga practice to maintain the mobility and health of the pelvic girdle” Led by Judi Sweeting and Tig Wattler
  • Asana classes with advanced teachers Julie Brown, and Jayne Orton
  • “Suggestion for covid-19 recovery practice” on film: Two-hour workshop led by Sheila Haswell and the IY(UK) Therapy Committee (Re-run by special request, as first presented at Uday’s NHS fundraiser)
  • A range of breakout groups including: Discussion topics ‘mentors and trainee teachers working together online’, ‘reopening of studios after lockdown’, ‘reunion all things India and Pune’, ‘local communities and conversations’ and others.
  • Evening films.
  • 1000 People 1000 Asana; convention participants in the lead up to and on International Yoga Day. 


Once you have booked to attend the convention, you will receive an email in the few days before the dates with access links to the convention portal (micro-website). This will have all the links to the classes, talks, groups and films.


The cost of the convention is £75 per person. This includes all activities throughout the two days.
There is also a concessionary rate of 20% off the full price. 


Bookings are now closed.