BOBBY CLENNELL Online Workshop “Yoga for the Older Body” 22nd May 2-5pm (Uk time)

Teachers Name: Bobby Clennell

Date/Time: 22/05/2021 - 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

Cost £25 **




Location: Yogawest, Denmark Place, Bristol, BS7 8NW, United Kingdom

By popular demand, author, illustrator, world renowned Senior Iyengar teacher and our friend Bobby Clennell is returning to teach two afternoon workshops this weekend. This is the first one:

Saturday 22 May 2-5pm (UK time): Yoga for the Older Body
The transition into old age brings many challenges. Iyengar Yoga is precise and methodical with an emphasis on correct form. Using a wide range of yoga poses, Bobby will show how our practice has to be adapted according to age.

Here are some of the benefits of yoga for the elderly:

  • Standing poses help you become steadier on your feet and reduce the risk of falls and can help improve bone strength.
  • The seated floor poses are ideal for improving flexibility in the hips and the muscles around the pelvis. Sitting on the floor provides a position of stability, which also strengthens the back and facilitates opening the front body.
  • The seated spinal twists  can help reverse osteoporosis, which often begins in the pelvis and low back. In addition, they tone the abdomen, massage the internal organs, and can relieve lower back pain.
  • Supported back bends free the chest, diaphragm, upper back and the shoulders and can help alleviate sleep disturbances, a common complaint among seniors.
  • With the supine poses we discover a quiet and stable frame of mind. They also promote flexibility.

To ensure she can interact effectively with the group, Bobby has capped the numbers for this workshop.

Level All levels welcome, beginners should have at least 6 months regular experience of Iyengar Yoga.
Cost £25* (and once you have booked this one, you qualify for a £10 discount to book tomorrow’s (23/5) workshop)
*5 concession places are available at £18 for those who are struggling financially at the moment