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Dharma: Higher Purpose and Daily Life – Sheila Haswell & Gitte Bechsgaard

Teachers Name: Sheila Haswell & Gitte Bechsgaardd

Date/Time: 23/10/2021-24/10/2021 - 2:00 pm-6:30 pm

Cost $120

Phone: 07866121419



This is an Iyengar Yoga and philosophy workshop over two days. Each day there will be a 2 hour philosophy lecture with Gitte followed by a 2 hour asana/pranayama class with Sheila.

In the Yogic paradigm, Dharma is connected with an individual’s unique spiritual purpose. Though life holds diverse roles and duties for each one of us, the underlying pattern of meaning and purpose is a connecting thread. When we follow this thread of dharma, we are more likely to be at peace and have a sense of contentment (Santosha) within. This in itself is the key to peace of mind and the unfoldment of Yoga’s many goals.

Concepts of dharma are intrinsically linked to living in a way that allows for individual flourishing but also in a way that is good for the larger world and community.

In this weekend workshop we will explore the multi-faceted teachings on dharma, and also see the many ways in which our yoga practice can help us to align with this “inner law”.