H.I.P.S. (Hips in Iyengar Practice Setting)

Teachers Name: Myka Ransom

Date/Time: 19/04/2020 - 10:30 am-1:30 pm

Cost £25

Phone: 07743513225

Email: hello@yogahero.co.uk

Website: https://yogahero.co.uk/event/h-i-p-s-hips-in-iyengar-practice-setting/

Location: The Boulevard, Leeds Dock, Leeds, LS10 1PZ, United Kingdom

In this 3-hour workshop we’ll explore some roles and qualities of the hips in Iyengar yoga practice in more depth than is possible in the regular weekly classes.
We’ll be aiming to safely develop stability and freedom, using props to enhance understanding of underlying principles, and making connections between different classical yogasanas.
Expect a well-rounded practice session encompassing standing poses, forward extensions, back extensions, twists, inversions, and restorative poses.