Iyengar Yoga Holiday in the Midi-Pyrénées, South of France (only 3 places left) with Maggie O’Grady


Date/Time: 17/06/2022-24/06/2022 - 12:00 am

Cost £690

Phone: 07813516657

Email: mogrady@spaceforinsight.com

Website: https://nigelshamash.com/courses/

Location: La Roane , St Antonin, 82140, France

This week with Maggie is about allowing yourself to have fun with Iyengar yoga and go that bit further.

Maggie teaches with an emphasis on enjoying yourself while paying attention to detail – the alignment and the safety of her students is paramount. We all want to have fun, so time on the mat has to be playful!

Yoga is more than just postures; it’s a way of life, and Maggie is keen on sharing the philosophy behind yoga, including Sanskrit epics, the balancing of the chakras and her insights into Ayurveda. She is inspired by the teachings of Patanjali, which includes the continuous study of yogic philosophy, chanting, pranayama, focused attention on the present moment and meditation.

Maggie has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and Meditation has also been an essential part of her daily routine since 2005. She took up Transcendental Meditation in 2014 (after nine years with the Buddhists) as it has the same roots as Iyengar yoga. In 2016, she qualified as an Independent Teacher of Transcendental Meditation. She currently teaches yoga and meditation in and around London.

For Maggie, the yoga path is a journey full of wonder and delight, and this enthusiasm is palpable in her yoga classes.