Iyengar Yoga workshop for teachers with Alaric Newcombe

Teachers Name: Alaric Newcombe

Date/Time: 22/11/2020 - 10:15 am-4:15 pm

Cost £50.00

Phone: 02890992428

Email: info@maitristudio.net

Website: https://maitristudio.net/events/aisling-workshop-13nov2019

Location: 4 The Mount, Belfast, BT5 4NA, United Kingdom

Iyengar Yoga workshop for teachers with Alaric Newcombe

This workshop will help you deepen your understanding of yoga asana, and better understand the links between the poses and the practice of pranayama. An intelligent, mindful and steady asana practice provides a strong body and stable nervous system; both are required to manage the tremendous energy that focusing on and controlling our breathing generates. 

The workshop is aimed at Iyengar yoga teachers and will include personal practice to illuminate teaching skills. It will consist of two sessions with a short break for lunch: 10:15-16:15 (lunch break 13:15-14:00 please bring a light snack only).

£55 for the day, book online here (select Alaric Newcombe teacher pass)

If attending the previous day (general workshop) buy a weekend pass for £100 (select Alaric Newcombe teacher weekend pass).

About Alaric

Alaric has been practising Iyengar yoga since 1983 and teaching Iyengar yoga since 1991. He is certificated by the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK) as a Senior Intermediate III Iyengar Yoga teacher. This is the highest level of qualification awarded by the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK). He has been inspired by the direct teaching of BKS Iyengar, his son Prashant, his daughter Geeta as well as senior pupils of Guruji in Britain and Europe. He had been training and mentoring aspiring Iyengar teachers since 2003.

Alaric has a dynamic and flowing teaching style which is focused and insightful. His experience enables him to give precise individual adjustments and maintain concentrated group focus. He challenges inertia and ignorance with sharpness, compassion and humour. And he is pleased to know that he has a lot more to learn.

Please note: Maitri Studio Ltd is acting as agent on behalf of Alaric Newcombe and has authority to invoice his students and receive money on his behalf. Maitri Studio is not running the workshop, Alaric Newcombe is; any issue with the delivery of the workshop see Alaric Newcombe. For booking and administrative queries, please contact us at Maitri Studio.