London Sadhana with Sonja Perreten

Teachers Name: Sonja Perreten

Date/Time: 09/08/2021-13/08/2021 - 9:00 am-11:00 am

Cost from £85 for the week

Phone: 07930 119 545



Location: Bowes Park, London, N11 2QN, United Kingdom

Come join me in studio!

This is a chance to practise Iyengar Yoga together every day for a week here in North London. We will take the time to explore concepts from multiple angles so that you can take a deepened understanding and refreshed curiosity back to your regular practice.

I love passing on the incredible benefits of Iyengar yoga to my students: increased mobility, strength, flexibility, serenity and courage; decreased pain, stress and anxiety. One of my jobs as an Iyengar teacher is to make each posture accessible to every student so that all can fully experience body, mind and spirit aligning throughout the class, and then leave the studio with greater physical ease, and a lighter heart.

I welcome all students, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners, as well as those recovering from injuries and surgeries, or living with ongoing medical conditions. I am happy to work with you as you are today and discover with you what might be possible tomorrow.

Yoga belongs to everyone!