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Spring Workshop with Debbie Wilkinson

Teachers Name: Deborah Wilkinson

Date/Time: 11/04/2021 - 10:30 am-2:00 pm

Cost 20.00

Phone: 07766573202



Workshop will be on the 11th April,  from 10.30am – 2pm

Cost of the online workshop £20.00

Workshops are paced so that no matter how much yoga you have previously done, you will be able to work at a pace that suits you. I take everyone through the sequence, adding further instructions to allow those that have more experience to progress and everyone has something relevant to their capacity and experience to be working on.

The workshops are also great as they allow time for any questions that you may have. Along with time to explore the postures in more detail than we can during a weekly class.

Thank you to everyone who attended my last online workshop, and for all the lovely messages afterwards, I thought I would include a couple;

Just wanted to say big thank you for your work shop and I am feeling very grateful and appreciative of the amazing benefits of your teaching this morning

Thank you Debbie, really enjoyed the session and feel happy that I could do most of it. A real work out, feeling great now.