Uday Bhosale online workshops with MDIY

Teachers Name: Uday Bhosale

Date/Time: 27/02/2021-28/02/2021 - 11:00 am

Cost £15 members £20 non members

Phone: 07747200411

Email: clare@mdiiy.org.uk

Website: https://www.manchesteriyengaryoga.org.uk/events/uday-bhosale-online-saturday-27th-february-11am-1pm/

Location: 134 King Street, Tameside, SK16 4LG, United Kingdom

We are delighted that Uday is once again teaching for MDIY!  A regular favourite with all of us and a regular in everyone’s homes this year by the power of Zoom.  So we are delighted to offer two workshops over the weekend with two different themes. 

Saturday 27th Feb 11am – 1pm: Zoomed Out?

In this workshop we will look at some of the problems that have appeared due to the changes in our lifestyle over the last 11 months.  The majority of us are spending more time at home, more time conducting our working lives at a computer screen, leading a more sedentary lifestyle due to limited exercise opportunities.  This change in lifestyle has brought along its disadvantages, as we are discovering – more eyestrain, more ear issues, more technical stress issues, “tech neck”, rounded shoulders, stiff backs.  All kind of new problems are presenting themselves so during this workshop we will look at how our yoga practice can help.

Members £15, non members £20

Important information

Zoom links are not automated, so Clare will send them to you the night before the event.  Recordings for the workshops will be available for 14 days afterwards.  Please inform Clare or Uday of any serious health or medical conditions at the time of booking.

When attending this or any online yoga class, livestreamed or pre-recorded, it is up to the individual attending to assess whether or not they are ready to attend the class in which they have chosen to participate. 
As the participant, if you suffer from specific injuries or disease, it is best to consult with your physician prior to attending.
By booking, you acknowledge that:
  • You understand that this program/sequence is presented for use by existing yoga students only
  • You understand that this online class does not cover any liability or loss, personal or otherwise, incurred by you resulting from your participation in the online yoga class(es) offered.
  • During the online yoga class(es), livestreamed or pre-recorded, you will be asked to complete the recommended activities to the best of your ability.  The yoga activities can and may be recommended to be adapted to suit your condition, insofar as possible. Should you experience any symptoms, pain, discomfort, or other concerns that may occur or change at any point during the class, you will immediately abstain from the recommended Activities. You will proceed only at your sole discretion and at your own risk.
  • You further understand that you take full responsibility for participating in and completing the recommended yoga positions to the best of your ability.

Also this weekend:

Sunday 28th February 9am – 11am: Energy and Strength

I think we will all agree Uday’s energy and strength is joyous! So how does he do it? In this workshop Uday will share with us how to maintain or build up our strength; maybe we are recovering from injuries or maybe losing strength as we age (and we’re all aging!).  Have you ever wondered if some of the the stronger poses are beyond you, or injured yourself by trying?  Let’s draw on Uday’s experience on how he maintains his positive and energetic practice.  Following on from this workshop there will be a Q & A with Uday, so if there is anything you have always wanted to ask him, then now is your chance.  Send your questions to clare@mdiiy.org.uk

Members £15, non members £20.  Click here to book

Saturday 27th Feb 10am – 10.45am: Children’s Class

Uday will also be our guest teacher for the children’s class on Saturday 27th Feb at 10- 10.45am.  Click here to book