Yoga Engineering with Shaili

Teachers Name: Shaili Shafai

Date/Time: 31/10/2021 - 2:00 pm-4:30 pm

Cost 25

Phone: 07918459680



Location: Zoom, CAMBRIDGE, CB2 9EH, United Kingdom

In this workshop, we will look in detail at how different variations of the asanas affect the anchor, fulcrum and centre of gravity of each pose. We will consider how this allows the practitioner to engage different muscle groups and the relationships between them, and how to use props in an intelligent and embodied way so that they become part of the structure of the pose.
This workshop is suitable for students of Iyengar yoga with at least one year of regular practice.
This session will not be suitable for pregnant ladies and people requiring special adjustments for chronic injuries.
Shaili will require your camera to be switched on for the entirety of the class and the props you will require are listed below:
– Sticky mat
– 2 solid bricks
– 1 or 2 belts
– 1 chair (ideally a yoga)
– Blankets and or blocks for Sarvangasana
– A bolster or extra towels or blankets
This workshop will be delivered virtually, live on Zoom. Everyone booked on will have the opportunity to attend live, but also will have access to a recording of the workshop for 72 hours afterwards.

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