We are sad to announce the death of Genie Hammond on 26th September 2017.

Born in Islington on 18th March 1929, Genie was an original character. Her down to earth “tell it as it is “style of teaching touched so many. Students enjoyed her humour and stories of Guruji when she travelled with him and of his visit to her family in Catford which he enjoyed.

Genie was dedicated to Mr Iyengar (as she referred to him) and yoga was running through her veins every moment of the day. Spreading Guruji teaching even when shopping in a super market; her sharp eye and wonderful remedial knowledge would be used to help a stranger with a back or shoulder problem. Using a shop fitting to create a prop, Genie was practical.            

Guruji and Genie had a long friendship, communicating by letter each month. During our classes Genie would share the news from Pune,  making us all part of the yoga family. Her last visit was when she was 83 year old

Genie came from the generation of teachers that were only taught by Guruji, travelling to Pune and leaving their family for us all to gain knowledge, keeping the standard of Guruji’s work into teacher training and sometimes working without payment

Thank you, Genie, your teaching and sincerity will be remembered by many.

(Combined quotes from Judi Sweeting, Richard Ager Ward, Judith Jones and Brenda Booth)