Assessment application deadlines

Certification Levels:

Intermediate Junior Level 1, 2, 3
Intermediate Senior Level 1, 2, 3
Advanced Junior Level 1, 2, 3
Advanced Senior Level 1, 2

Teacher Training and Introductory Level

A very successful teacher training programme has run for many years and took its final intake of trainees in January 2018. A new system of preparing for teaching assessment is being finalised this year. Details of the new system will be set out on the website when available. Candidates for teaching assessment must have practiced Iyengar Yoga regularly for a minimum of 6 years before presenting for assessment. Candidates should not only have achieved a high standard in their personal practice in the Introductory asanas, but also have a preliminary awareness of the subtlety of Iyengar yoga and its philosophy.
Introductory Assessments are held in June. After passing the assessment the teacher gains an Introductory teacher’s certificate and is then qualified to teach a specified range of Introductory asanas (postures). Once qualified, teachers must pay IY(UK) teacher membership and Certification Mark Sub-Licence fees each year in order to teach Iyengar yoga in the UK.


Your Teacher Trainer will send you the link to the application form for the Introductory Level Assessment. To access the form, you first need to log in to the website with your username and password.  Only trainees whose trainers have pre-registered them for assessment will be accepted. Please contact the main office,, if you have difficulty signing in.

Introductory assessments can be booked 1 – 31 January.
You must remain a member of IY (UK) throughout your training.

Intermediate Junior Level    top

Some members continue training beyond their Introductory teaching certificate and go on to Intermediate Junior, Intermediate Senior and ultimately, Advanced certificates. To progress to teach more advanced postures, it is up to the individual to attend classes with Senior or Advanced teachers. These more advanced certificates demand more of teachers, both in the number and difficulty of asanas practised, and in the subtlety of their understanding of the theory and practice of yoga.

Students may apply to take Intermediate Junior Level 1 a minimum of 18 months after gaining the Introductory Certificate. This is a three-part certificate with a minimum of six months (normally 12 months) between each section. A letter of recommendation is required from the candidate’s regular teacher who should be certified at least one level higher than the candidate.

Intermediate Junior Level 1, 2 and 3 assessments took place in March 2018 but will be held in October from 2019 onwards. To book an assessment place you will need to apply in the preceding March. The application will be available via the website 1st-31st March. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Teachers can sign in and go to the IY (UK) Documents page to download the Intermediate Junior Level Syllabus.

Intermediate Senior Level      top

Teachers may apply to take Intermediate Senior Level 1 a minimum of 18 months to two years after gaining their Level 3 Intermediate Junior Certificate.

Intermediate Senior Level 1 and 2 assessments are held in November at different venues around the UK. Teachers can sign in and go to the IY (UK) Documents page to download the Intermediate Senior Level Syllabus. You can book your assessment online from 1 – 30 June; the deadline for applications is 30 June. If you wish to book a Senior 1 or 2 Assessment place, please contact the Assessments Administrator,, for further information. You will find a link to the application form on the Members’ Dashboard under Teachers’ Notifications from 1st June. Overseas candidates, please contact the Assessment Administrator,, for a link to the application form. To express interest in Senior Level 3 Assessment, please also contact the Assessment Administrator.

Advanced Level    top

This Certificate is only awarded on the recommendation of the RIMYI.

For more information about teacher training and assessments with IY(UK), please contact the Assessment Administrator:

Assessment Application Deadlines

Introductory Level
30th September C1 form must be with the Assessments Administrator (to be completed by Teacher Trainers)
1st – 31st January Introductory application available online
last day of February Introductory paperwork deadline (test paper and standard paperwork including First Aid Certificate)

Intermediate Junior
1st to 31st March Intermediate Junior application available online
30th April Intermediate Junior test paper and standard paperwork deadline
Intermediate Senior 1 and 2
1st – 30th June Intermediate Senior application available online
31st July Senior test paper and standard paperwork deadline 

Overseas Candidates Applying for Assessment   top

Candidates should apply for assessment in the country where they live. If their country doesn’t have an Association or their Association does not offer assessments at the level they are applying for, then they should apply to a neighbouring country. If the nearest country is the UK or if there is a language barrier in the neighbouring countries, they may apply to the UK. Overseas candidates applying for assessment in the UK must:
a) Apply online for membership as overseas non-teacher members of IY (UK).
b) For any level above Introductory, send a scanned copy of their most recent teaching certificate to the Main Office so that the administrator can add this to their record on the database.
c) For any level above Introductory, send proof of their current Certification Mark sub-licence (or a receipt for this) to the Main Office.
d) Apply online and meet the same application deadlines as UK applicants.
e) In addition to the assessment fee, pay an overseas applicant supplement of £15 to cover additional administration costs.

The Assessments Administrator will contact the Main Office to check that all candidates have current membership status before sitting their assessments.