Iyengar Yoga Development Fund

The Iyengar Yoga Development Fund (IYDF) has been set up to fund teachers to work with people who would not normally be able to afford or access yoga classes.

It aims support those who would benefit a great deal from the positive outcomes of regular yoga practice.

The IYDF is currently supporting teachers with a range of different students, including prisoners, special needs students, and vulnerable women in a refuge. 

About the fund

  • Iyengar yoga (UK) teacher members can apply for funding to run a class, working with an organisation that works with people who are marginalised, excluded or deprived, and as a result unable to access a yoga class.
  • Every certified Iyengar yoga teacher pays an annual sum to Iyengar Yoga (UK) for the use of the Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark:  60% of this money goes to the Bellur Trust; The remaining 40% is used for the Iyengar Yoga Development Fund, and a part goes towards the Iyengar yoga archives project. 
  • A committee manages the fund and we are able to offer a long term commitment to running classes if funding cannot be sourced elsewhere.

Caroline Kennedy received IYDF funding to teach a group of unpaid carers in London. 

These comments from her students are a lovely example of how yoga can help people:

  • “Since starting Yoga at the carers centre I have felt better and am a lot more flexible”
  • ”I have just had my first class – I found it relaxing and refreshing.  It is good to focus on something other than my caring responsibility”
  • ”I’m enjoying the classes and it has helped me to relax”
  • ”I really enjoyed the yoga I look forward every Monday morning it helps me a lot to relax and socialise [lovely]”

Would you like to apply for IYDF funding? Teachers – visit the Documents page for more information

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Thank you for your generosity!