Work for IY(UK)

Part Time Support Manager

We are creating a new role of Support Manager to help support the work of IY(UK).  This is a paid role and the holder will pick up a number of tasks and responsibilities that are essential to the running of IY(UK), helping us to respond to change, improve our internal communications, and maintain our internal relationships.

Currently we are seeking applications from our members; if you are interested, you can find the full job description here

If you would like to discuss the role or have any questions, please contact Charlotte (  by Sunday 20th June for a chat. 

If you wish to apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to by Sunday 27th June.

IY(UK) Ltd. strives to reflect the full breadth of the community we serve across our Committee members, officers and workforce. Our recruitment process seeks to treat all job applications equally, regardless of age, disability, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or any other equality characteristic. In order the help ensure this, all applications are made anonymous for the recruitment panel until the final interview stage.


IY(UK) is an organisation run by, and for the benefit of, its members. Whilst we do have a number of paid employees, much of the work of running our organisation is done by volunteers, many of whom feel that by giving some of their time to IY(UK) they are helping spread and support the teachings of Guruji, from whom we have all gained so much.

All the members of the IY(UK) Executive Council are volunteers, as are the members of all of the Standing Committees and Working Groups. If you feel you would like to help out with the running of IY(UK) please get in touch: