Long Covid study

IY(UK) Teachers launch Long Covid programme

Iyengar Yoga (UK) therapy teachers recently ran a 10-week yoga therapy programme to help Long Covid sufferers.

51 students with symptoms including breathing difficulties, fatigue and muscle aches are being taught online by a team of 10 experienced therapy teachers and 102 assisting teachers, who are working together to create individual programmes tailored to students’ specific needs.

It is hoped that the project will contribute to scientifically backed research showing the effectiveness of Iyengar yoga therapy for Long Covid sufferers.

Yoga teacher Gerda Bayliss was involved in setting up the project after struggling with Long Covid herself:

“Long Covid has been a continual struggle for many people. The number of people suffering all over the world is growing daily, yet there has been very little support, and some have often had to fight to be believed. Whilst ill with Long Covid, Iyengar yoga has been a huge support for me mentally and physically.

The Iyengar Yoga Long Covid Therapy project was born out of a desire to help Long Covid sufferers, and to demonstrate the benefits of Iyengar as a support system. Initially, we were keen to try to access some of the available funding for research into Long Covid, but realised early on that this path could take months before anything tangible was achieved. Instead, we decided to concentrate on getting support out to the ever-growing number of people with Long Covid as quickly as possible, whilst still collecting some useful data on the effectiveness of Iyengar yoga therapy in helping Long Covid sufferers. Our aim was to help first, and work on the research and funding later!”

The Therapy Committee of Iyengar Yoga (UK) recently published a free online yoga programme for Covid-19 recovery, available here: Covid-19 Recovery: A Suggested Yoga Programme – Iyengar Yoga UK

Classes for Covid-19 recovery are also available: Covid-19 Recovery Classes – Iyengar Yoga UK