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Name of contributor: Meg Laing

Sections: 2

An overview of what is meant in yoga by the concepts:
Alignment, Directionality, Extension, Sequencing, Timing and Effects.

Those of us who were teacher trainers under the old system have been asked to share things that we have found useful in helping students towards deepening their practice and turning their desire to share it with others into reality. The attached piece was written many, many years ago, and in fact was published in Iyengar Yoga News, Issue 10 (Spring 2007). As that is also a long time ago now, more recent mentors and their trainees may well have not have come across it. The content is very much designed for Level 1 trainees in the new system, though others might find aspects of it useful. All these years later, I would almost certainly have wanted to say a little about the breath, and what Prashantji calls the Body, Mind, Breath interface. But, in the hope that it may be of interest, I attach the piece as it was printed in IYN.

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