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Philosophy Study (involving colleagues)

Name of contributor: Shaili Shafai

Sections: 5.3 Module 2 Philosophy

After a year of working on different aspects of the training, it was time to get the trainees started on their philosophy studies in a more thorough way.
To add clarity to this vast and potentially overwhelming subject, I thought of asking for help from someone who has studied the subject more than me, so I asked Jane Durkin, one of my colleagues in Cambridge, to give a few lectures on the topics listed in the manual for Level 1 trainees (5.3 Module 2). Jane is a Level 2 teacher who is not yet a mentor, but has been studying the Sutras and other texts in great depth for many years and can therefore give the trainees a better introduction than me. Hopefully, this will ignite their passion to study the texts themselves. The other positive aspect of involving colleagues in this way is that it gives us all a sense of community and belonging, which I personally find very encouraging, and this might also encourage Jane to become a mentor herself.

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