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Anatomy study idea 2 from Claire Ferry – 14/02/2022

Anatomy summary sheet #2

A second summary sheet for the trainees to go over and fill in after we’d spent a morning discussing this all together, covering organs, endocrine, digestive, excretory systems. Has a few links to some useful online resources.

I have posted the bones/joints/muscles part#1 in an earlier post. The remaining anatomy (cardio, respiratory, nervous) to come in part 3!

NB we really are only looking at basics, as indicated by the MM, the Basic Guidelines, and relevant sections in the required reading. No-one is trying to be a doctor 🙂 These are useful as a basis for then discussing asanas, personal experiences of health issues and asana practice etc. We will return over the years to look in more detail as we, for example, look at modifications of poses for various reasons and all the minor health ailments that trainees are expected to know about.

Part of the syllabus this relates to:
Specific section/s

Sections (if relevant):
Module 5.2 A2 Organs, A3 Endocrine System, A7 Digestive system, A8 Excretory system

Anything else to share:

Links: Anatomy Checklist 2 A2 A3 A7 A8


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