In 2018 the yoga community will be celebrating 100 years since B.K.S. Iyengar’s birth. To mark the occasion we’re planning a special centenary edition of our members’ magazine, Iyengar Yoga News, and would like to invite you to share what B.K.S. Iyengar meant to you. Your response could be in the form of text, a drawing, poem, or some other form of expression.

Alternatively, you might like to contribute to a project being set up by the organisers of Abhijata’s tour of Europe next year. They are aiming to organise an exhibition and publish a book based on “100 words/ 100 people for 100 years of Guruji”. Rather than simply retelling the remarkable story of the life of BKS Iyengar, they would like to present a more personal  picture of the man who has touched all of our lives. If you have a story to share, whether it be a something of the human character of the man or perhaps something about his almost super-human abilities they would love to hear it. Anyone wanting to contribute should limit their stories to around 100 words and if they have an accompanying high resolution photo/s  it would be greatly appreciated. The organisers have written to us: “… we would like each country to be presented so please urge senior teachers and practitioners alike to contribute … We hope for a good response and we may have to ask each country to do an initial edit if many people are inspired to write … We hope to gather together these 100 stories, some funny, some inspiring, some life-changing ..”.

If you send your contribution to us at the address below, we will collate them and send them on to the organisers of this project, and we may use some of them for our website, our social media and in the next issue of our magazine.

Please send submissions via email by 31st December 2017 to for consideration