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  • Dominic Batten

  • Level 3(2020), Junior Intermediate level 3(1970), Junior Intermediate level 2(2008), Junior Intermediate level 1(2006), Introductory level 2(2001)
  • 01142649418

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Heeley Yoga class

Teacher's Name: Dominic Batten

Day of the week: Tuesday

Time: 18:30


Description: This is a general class, suitable for beginners and also for those with more experience of yoga. The class is generally quite small allowing those with minor injuries to receive attention, but it is not a therapy class for people with serious conditions. Those with no experience of yoga are best advised to join in September. Pre-booking is not necessary. Classes generally coincide with the school year. The class last 1 1/4 hours, some equipment is available to use if you do not have your own.

Cost: £60 per 12 week term, or £6 per individual class

Address: Hartley Street Institute, Heeley, Sheffield[S2]

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