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The Life House Washington - Wednesday Iyengar Yoga

Teacher's Name: Laura Noble

Day of the week: Wednesday

Time: 18:30

Duration: 1 hour

Description: I'm excited to be teaching a class in The Life House which houses Washington Mind in Columbia - the class takes place in the lovely Community Hall. The Life House is a well-being centre for all the community - a perfect place to practice yoga! Find out more details upon the centre here: https://www.washingtonmind.org.uk/the-life-house/ This is a mixed ability class - both the complete beginner and experienced yogi are very welcome. There is no need to book a place - just turn up! If you have any equipment, please do bring with you - I have a limited amount of equipment including mats that you may borrow. If you don't have any of the below items, bringing a blanket with you would be very useful. Equipment used in class: - mat - yoga belt - bricks - foam blocks Hope to see you in class!

Cost: 4.00

Address: The Life House, Washington Mind, Grasmere Terrace, Columbia, Washington, Tyne and Wear, NE38 7LP

Contact Number:

Contact Email: yoginortheast@gmail.com

Website URL: http://yoginortheast.wixsite.com/yoginortheast

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