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  • Georgina Roberts

  • Level 1(2020), Introductory level 2(2015)
  • 07547635631
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  • I have recently, ( 2015) passed the Introductory Level 2 assessment and am qualified to teach the Introductory Course of Yoga Asana and Pranayama. I run a small class at The Merry Bells Village Hall in Wheatley.

    Iyengar Yoga has been a wonderful part of my life since I began classes in Cape Town,
    yr 2000. Living in many countries I have encountered various inspiring Iyengar teachers who have encouraged me to deepen my practice and eventually become a teacher myself.

    With a background in classical ballet and an enjoyment of yoga, I hope to pass on to my students the strength of body and mind that starts to emerge with regular yoga practice.

    Tuesday evening is a general class, classic Iyengar style, using props . It is aimed at mixed ability students, beginners are most welcome.
    Wednesday evening is a general class, aimed at continuing beginners, who have a little more experience. But beginners are also welcome.

    The classes are taught in a personalised, relaxed environment and I provide blocks, bricks, blankets and belts. Students are however, encouraged to bring their own mats.
    No previous experience of yoga is needed to join.
    As Mr Iyengar has said, "our students are our teachers"..... Thank you!

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Iyengar Yoga with Georgina

Teacher's Name: Georgina Roberts

Day of the week: Tuesday

Time: 18:00

Duration: 90 minutes

Description: A classic Iyengar class using props, mixed ability class, beginners are welcome.

Cost: £8 per lesson

Address: Holton Village Hall, Holton, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Contact Number: 0754 7635631

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Website URL: http://in progress

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My Events

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