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  • Victoria Psalmon

  • Introductory level 2(2017)
  • Luhia started Iyengar yoga aged 12, and committed herself to teacher training after having tried out teaching yoga for a student society when she was at Uni. She trained in France under Monica Bertauld and certified as an Introductory Level instructor in 2017.

    Luhia says: “I still remember my first Iyengar yoga classes as a young teen: they were a whirlwind of rigorous instructions and novel, sometimes unpleasant, sensations in my body. I was also confused by certain seemingly contradictory expectations that the teacher had of my different body parts! Month after month, though, my understanding of body mechanics changed; I took pleasure in the postures that I had feared most, and there was a calmness in my body that extended beyond the physical practice.

    Now, as a teacher, what I love best about Iyengar yoga is how the rigorous and precise instructions can bring about small but quantifiable change in every body type, and that over a long period of time, we can take care of our body safely and with love. For this reason, my favourite quote by BKS Iyengar is: ‘The body is my temple, asanas are my prayers’.

    When I’m not on my yogamat, you can find me on the dancefloor!”

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