The Committees of IY(UK)IY(UK) is democratically run by an elected Executive Council

Individual Representatives

Individual Representatives are members of IY(UK) who sit on the Executive Council to represent the interests of the Individual Members of IY(UK).  Individual Members are not affiliated to any Iyengar Member Groups. There are currently six Individual Representatives as listed above.  Any Individual Members are welcome to contact any of the representatives with questions or concerns that they have. The Representatives do not cover any specific geographical area so we suggest that an email is sent to any one Representative, who will be pleased to help, and if requested will take concerns to the meetings of the Executive Council. Contact details can be found above.  When the tenure of the current Representatives runs out, new Representatives will always be sought from the Individual Members first.


For general enquiries, please contact your local Member Group or an Individual Representative.  For specific IY(UK) business, contact the relevant officer according to responsibility. Otherwise, please contact us.